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  1. “The contribution of luminance and chromatic channels to color assimilation”
    X. Otazu, X. Cerda-Company
    Journal of Vision (JoV), (2022) 22(6):10, 1–15.
  2. “A Neurodynamic Model of Saliency Prediction in V1”
    D. Berga, X. Otazu
    Neural Computation (NeurComp), (2022) 34 (2): 378–414.
  3. “Modeling Bottom-Up and Top-Down Attention with a Neurodynamic Model of V1”
    D. Berga, X. Otazu
    NeuroComputing (NeuCom), 417, 270-289 (2020)
  4. “Color induction in equiluminant flashed stimuli”
    X. Cerda-Company, X. Otazu
    J Opt Soc of America A (JOSA A), 36(1), 22-31 (2019)
  5. “Psychophysical evaluation of individual low-level feature influences on visual attention”
    D. Berga, X. R. Fdez-Vidal, X. Otazu, V. Leboran and X. M. Pardo
    Vision Research (Vis Res) 154, 60-79 (2019),
  6. “The effect of luminance differences on color assimilation”
    X. Cerda-Company, X. Otazu, N. Sallent and C.A. Parraga
    J of Vision (JoV) 2018;18(11):10
    https://doi: 10.1167/18.11.10
  7. “Which tone-mapping operator is the best? A comparative study of perceptual quality”
    X. Cerda-Company, C.A. Parraga and X. Otazu
    J Opt Soc of America A (JOSA A), 35(4), 626-638 (2018)
  8. “Low-Level Spatiochromatic Grouping for Saliency Estimation”
    N. Murray, M. Vanrell, X. Otazu and C.A. Parraga
    IEEE Trans on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), 35, 11, 2810-2816 (2013)
    PDF, MATLAB code
  9. “A Neurodynamical Model of Brightness Induction in V1″
    O. Penacchio, X. Otazu and L. Dempere-Marco
    PLoS ONE 8(5): e64086 (2013)
    Project page, PDF
  10. “Low-dimensional and comprehensive color texture description”
    S. Alvarez, A. Salvatella, M. Vanrell and X. Otazu
    Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU), 116, 54-67 (2012)
  11. “A combination of features for symbol-independent writer identification in old music scores”
    A. Fornes, J. Llados. G. Sanchez, X. Otazu and H. Bunke
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  12. “Toward a unified chromatic induction model”
    X. Otazu, C.A. Parraga and M. Vanrell
    Journal of Vision (JoV), 10(12):5, 1-24 (2010)
    Web page, PDF, MATLAB code
  13. “Improving the Ability of Image Sensors to Detect Faint Stars and Moving Objects Using Image Deconvolution Techniques”
    O. Fors, J. Nunez, X. Otazu, A. Prades and R.D. Cardinal
    Sensors, 10, 1743-1752 (2010)
  14. “Titania’s radius and upper limit on its atmosphere from the September 8, 2001 stellar occultation”
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“Progress in Computer Vision and Image Analysis”
H. Bunke, J. Villanueva, G. Sanchez and X. Otazu
World Scientific, Series in MAchine Perception and Artificial Intelligence, Vol 73 (2009)

Book chapter

“Theory and implementation of image fusion methods based on the a trous algorithm”
X. Otazu
Image Fusion: Algorithms and Applications, T. Stathaki, Academic Press, 2008


  • “Perceptual color texture codebooks for retrieving in highly diverse texture datasets”
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  • “Saliency estimation using a non-parametric low-level vision model”
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  • “SID4VAM: A Benchmark Dataset with Synthetic Images for Visual Attention Modeling”
    David Berga, Xose Ramon Fernandez Vidal, Xavier Otazu and Xose M. Pardo
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