POSITION: Senior Scientist

Centre de Visió per Computador
Campus UAB, Cerdanyola del Vallès
08193 Barcelona

email: xotazu (ensaïmada) cvc -dot- uab .another_dot. es

Researcher ID: A-1208-2009
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4982-791X

 Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
NeuroComputation and Biological Vision Team (NeuroBiT)

Short Bio

I am Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad) at Computer Science Department of Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, and Senior Scientist at CVC. I am BSc in Physics, MSc in Remote Senging and PhD in Physics (Astronomy Department) at Universitat de Barcelona where I worked on Astronomy and Remote Sensing data and image processing. I was researcher at Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya (Generalitat de Catalunya) where I worked on SAR processing. Since I am at CVC, I worked in Computer Vision developing computational algorithms for colour perception, visual saliency and tone-mapping operators. Presently, I am interested in bridging the gap between Computer Vision and Computational Neuroscience, working in the development of biologically plausible computational neurodynamical models of the visual cortex.